Blue Sky Hotel

by Miles Island

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Summer in a nutshell. Miles Island is a fictional resort in the back of my mind I take off to as and when needed. The Blue Sky Hotel is where I stay.

It was inspired by sleeping under the starts and waking up to what I thought was a blue sky, but it was merely the colour of the sarong we'd used as a shelter from the summer night's dew. It was actually quite a grey day!


Lyrics to Blue Sky Hotel.

"I’m gonna book you a room in the sky
Don’t ask why, don’t ask why
I wanna make everything all right
Well I can only try

Everything is easier
Away from the crowd
I know a place a while away from here
If you’d allow….

Checkin’ in and all is well
At the Blue Sky Hotel
I could get you know you well
At the Blue Sky
We can kiss and never tell
And wake up feelin’ wonderful
let’s make up and feel beautiful
At the Blue Sky Hotel
At the Blue Sky Hotel.

I’m gonna ask you to close your eyes
Don’t ask why, just trust in me, darlin’
I’ll take the grey out of your skies
You know I’ve done it before
Baby I’ve done it before for ya

Lovin’ you is easier
Away from the crowd
Let’s get our things and get outta here
Right now…

(Chorus, Inst.)

When summer seems so far away
Just picture us now
It’s only just a dream away
If you know how…"

(Chorus x 2)


released December 1, 2014
Written and Performed by Miles Winter Roberts



all rights reserved


Miles Island PM, Spain

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